In this guide, we will talk about how to dress and style yourself like Zooey Deschanel. Nowadays, Zooey is definitely one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood. She has a very relaxed indie-rock vibe that has taken the world by storm. Zooey’s dresses are often quirky and different from what everyone else is wearing because she doesn’t want to be just like everyone else.

Zooey loves to mix things up and wear everything from high-fashion gowns to sweats and t-shirts. She switches it up with different types of purses, shoes, earrings and hair accessories. Zooey is always on the go, so she needs to be prepared for anything—which is why she always carries a trusty bag wherever she goes.

When Zooey first began acting, she was wearing some pretty crazy outfits and wacky hair colours. As time went by, Zooey began to pull back on the crazy colours, crazy hairstyles, and the thick eyeliner. Nowadays, Zooey’s makeup is minimalistic and she likes to wear a very clean face paired with a bold lip colour. She often wears dark blazers or cardigans as well as high-waisted skirts or dresses.

Small, simple accessories are always a good choice when trying to emulate Zooey’s style. The key is to find one or two items that fit your personal style and then make them your own. For example, Zooey wears a small gold hoop earring with a tiny necklace. She then pairs the two simple details together and creates her own individual look.

Zooey has even been spotted wearing flower crowns or headbands in her hair when going out on stage for her music band. That’s how she gets away with wearing such little makeup! Sometimes people may think that Zooey is not wearing any makeup at all but the truth is that she is really just creating an incredibly natural look for herself.

The best part about Zooey’s is that she always looks like she is ready to face any type of situation or disaster. She dresses in a way that allows her to pass all comments and judgments with grace and poise. Even though Zooey is a really small person, she can make a big fashion statement with her clothes. She doesn’t add or take away anything extra from her outfits.