What are the dos and don’ts of dressing for a first date? What are some fashion faux pas to avoid? What goes in the pre-date checklist, aside from clothes and grooming? Stay tuned for revealing insights about what might work best on a night out with someone new.

Dress for the outing

While the venue will likely determine the level of formality in your outfit, you’re still in control of choosing your outfit. If you’re heading out to a nightclub, then you probably want to show off your sparkly dress. If you’re going for drinks on a Thursday night, you might want to dress more relaxed. As for those who are dating and headed out on a first date, check your go-to style profile or Facebook or Instagram pages to see what your dates are wearing. (And don’t be afraid to ditch your usual “girl next door” vibe for a little fashion experimentation — the photos you share online may give you a clue to how your date may interpret your fashion choices.) Be conscious of your body shape When selecting an outfit for a first date, it pays to be mindful of your body shape.



In keeping with the theme of a first date, keep the make-up to a minimum. A little bronzer and foundation may be a good idea, but if you have a natural look, then it’s best not to bother with it. There’s no point in spending time fixing up your eyes and lips if you’re so shy you can’t speak, and you’re just waiting for your date to lead you around in circles! Once you arrive at the venue, have a cup of coffee first. Coffee helps to calm nerves and it’s a good chance to get to know each other – there’s time enough to put some effort in afterwards! Generally, one of the less prominent parts of a first date is make-up, but it is important to take care of your skin on a night out. Your skin is the skin of your body, so don’t just skip this because it’s your date night!


Avoid low-cut necklines, always wear a scarf (try a lapel or matching jacket) and watch the jewelry. If you’re unsure of the length of your dresses and skirts, remember that they must always cover the upper thigh, below the knee, or below the knee. As for men, unless you’re taking your date to an elegant, sophisticated dinner, leave your bow ties at home. And if you insist on wearing a fedora, keep it simple and avoid overly ostentatious pieces like a faux hawk. Cocktail Attire When it comes to suits, it’s a good idea to stick to the golden rule: Wear a suit or tuxedo in winter, but wear a suit or tuxedo in summer. If you’re dressing up, stick to either tuxedos, blazers, or suit jackets. Always stay away from sneakers or sneakers with dress shoes, as they clash in looks.



First, think about how your hair will look when you leave the house, suggests Penny Woodward, a celebrity hairstylist who works with Josh Peck and Edie Campbell. “That’s why I recommend investing in good quality products that stay on long term,” she says. “Hair texture should be well maintained. That is why I always recommend treating yourself to a good hair appointment.” Even though you’re heading out for a one-on-one, make sure you also follow your hair texture and style guide for the type of event you’re going to. Whether that’s a big formal gala, a dinner for two or a date with the catch of the day, before you get dressed, analyze the overall style of the evening, suggests Woodward. “When it comes to selecting what to wear, consider your lifestyle and where you’re going.

Matching Date

Expectations are always changing. Don’t be overwhelmed by having to conform to some set “date night” blueprint that may not be important to you. Instead, take it as an opportunity to be creative and break the mould. Though you may plan to wear a classic suit and tuxedo for a semi-formal occasion, when it comes to a first date, less is definitely more. A traditional suit paired with a simple, modern tie can create a retro look that instantly takes you back to a different era. A tuxedo or suit with a tailored fit is the most classic and timeless choice for a first date. Pair the blazer with a tailored pair of trousers and boots, then add the perfect dress shirt with a peplum pocket, shirt-tie, bow-tie, or cravat.

What to avoid

For starters, pick a new outfit for a new guy every other week. Well, not really. However, giving someone the ability to pick out an outfit for you can feel a lot less intimidating when you’re attracted to the person. And clothes can be an obvious communication tool. It doesn’t need to be an obvious thing you both communicate, but clothes can do a lot to let the other person know you’re interested. Avoid colourful shades of patterned clothing, because colour choice is often a clue about whether you are attracted to someone’s personality or you’re not. Asking if someone prefers neutral colours or bright patterns, for example, is an easy way to get the answers you need.


In conclusion, we can end the discussion on a sweet note and say that the dress for your special date is all about making an impression. A good dress will guarantee your appeal and present you in a good light. Moreover, clothes can make you feel and look great. Put on something nice. Wondering how to find the best cheap dress?